“Ellen 2020” Music Video

I made this video for my band Ellen and the Degenerates.

Here are a few kind words from Dan Ozzi at Vice:

When your songs are only a minute long, you generally don’t have time to build up much of a complex storyline in your music ideos. That probably explains why Ellen and the Degenerates‘ “Ellen 2020,” which clocks in at a mere 65 seconds, is a quick look at a claymation party that goes horribly awry, and fast. Watch as the Brooklyn punk band’s beer and guac-filled house party rapidly devolves into a murder scene.

Ellen and the Degenerates have a new EP out on September 1 via What’s For Breakfast? Records called Herb Alert (lol, they’re talking about you, probly) and are playing Fest this year as well as a few other dates below. Be sure to bring them some beers and guac and maybe they won’t hurt ya.

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