Cinder Block Comedy Festival

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In 2016, I worked with a group of women to create the website for the Cinderblock Comedy Festival. The inaugural festival occurred on the weekend of September 15th, 2016.


As this was the first festival, we needed to create excitement for the festival… and we had to do it with a limited budget.

  • Get comedian sign ups
  • Integrate an application fee system
  • Get volunteer signups
  • Create excitement


  • Display the events calendar in an organized way

This was a passion project for me, as someone who was obsessed with improv for 3 years. I am a huge fan of comedy, and was connected to the festival organizer through an old friend. We immediately hit it off and I became very excited about the project.


In its first year, the festival achieved the following:

  • Gained sponsorship from Lyft, Barcade, Diva Cup, Dos Toros and Two Boots Coffee
  • Featured 50+ comedy acts over one weekend
  • Flew in some big names such as Baron Vaughn (Grace and Frankie),
  • Featured renowned comedians like Baron Vaughn (Grace and Frankie), Julio Torres (SNL), Sarah Squirm (Adult Swim), Will Miles (Comedy Central)

The festival had 2 successful years in New York, and will be debuting in LA this year.

*Note: I have not worked on this site since 2016 and another designer / developer has since taken over.